Pulse Geared Drive

The Pulse Geared Drive is used to solve many of today's toughest motion control challenges. They are compact and powerful low voltage motor drives, that are being used in material handling and motion control applications around the world.

Our Pulse Geared Drive (PGD) coupled with ConveyLinx is a proven, cost-effective motion package for repeatable motion. It's designed for repeatable linear motion applications that require Senergy's awesome power, efficiency and reliability in an extremely compact form. Imagine the form factor of a high voltage AC Motor/Gearbox combination in a much more compact low voltage version. 

PULSEROLLER PGDs are often implemented in conveyor systems such as transfers, lifts, pop up wheel diverters, turntables and many other motion control applications where precision servo-like performance is required. With our fully integrated programmable control package , easily accomplish near-servo performance at a fraction of the cost of a servo motor.

With a super-compact design and its heat-treated reinforced planetary gearbox, the PGD design works in harsh and demanding applications. For convenience the same engine is used for both our motor drive rollers (MDR) and our PGD, allowing you to take advantage of the same control architecture you're employing for your MDR.
Using PGDs in place of a traditional motor will significantly reduce your costs, and maintenance issues would virtually vanish. Coupled with ConveyLinx, you can easily replace pneumatic actuators or solenoids and produce repeatable linear motion with precision.

Let our team of knowledgeable engineers show you why so many leading conveyor and material handling manufacturers globally have come to rely on PULSEROLLER .

NOTE: Although the image above shows the standard form of Pulse Geared Drives, we offer many attachment options such as keyway, sprocket, timing pulley and more.     

  • Senergy engine with 24DC power
  • High torque, precision control, friendly price point
  • Drop-in replacement for AC geared motors
  • Compact design for mounting under rollers or in complex mechanisms
  • Powerful and efficient motor gives a greater range of speed & power
  • IP54 rated
  • Options such as keyway, sprocket, and timing pulley

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  • Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • Super Compact Design
  • Deterministic Network
  • Collects Important Information
  • Robust M8 Connections
  • CE ETL UL and IP54
  • Compatible Controls
    Compatible Controls
    Powerful & Precise

    Our Pulse Geared Drive (PGD) comes with Senergy’s awesome power, precision, efficiency, and reliability in a compact form factor ready to drive the equipment in your applications.  

    Compact & Safe

    Coming in at the size of a dollar bill, the power originating from this motor gearbox combination will surprise you. Effortlessly move hundreds of pounds with a single drive or couple them together to move even more weight. Your operators are much safer working with our PGDs, than with higher voltage motors, yet the power output is perfect for many of your applications. 

    Versatile & Cost-Effective Alternative

    Pulse Geared Drive is a perfect alternative to your standard AC motors, steppers and even the expensive servo motors. With over a hundred thousand PGD’s installed around the world driving a wide range of applications from conveyor to robotics it’s clear why customers choose this drive. Once coupled with an intelligent controller like ConveyLinx the precision of the PGD provides an alternative solution to the expensive servo and stepper applications at a fraction of the costs.  If repeatable linear motion is your goal, our PGD might just be the solution. 

    Conformance: CE, RoHS, IP54
    Certifications:ETL Listed to UL 1004-1 & UL 1004-6
    Mounting:M5 x 7mm
    Shaft Diameter:16 mm
    Key:5 x 5 x 25 mm
    Cable Length:600 mm
    Motor Connection: 9-Pin JST
    Duty Cycle: 0.5 sec ON / 0.5 sec OFF minimum
    Operation:Continuous at rated load/current without overheating

    Technical data

    ECO ModeBOOST ModeBOOST-8 Mode
    Nominal Output40W50W50W
    Rated current Cell2.5A3.5A3.5A
    Starting current Cell3.0A5.0A8.0A
    Ambient temperature Cell-10 ~ 40°C (14 ~ 104°F) (No condensation) 
    Ambient humidity Cell10 ~ 90% RH (No condensation)

    Characteristics Data

    Nominal Gear RatioActual Gear RatioGear BoxECO Mode
    Output Shaft Speed
    Torque (N-m)Current (A)
    RatedStartingRated (max)Starting
    6767.23 stage8.5 ~ 86.74.424.42.53.0
    454512.8 ~ 129.02.916.3
    333317.4 ~
    272721.3 ~
    1818.32 stage31.4 ~ 317.31.26.6
    151538.4 ~ 387.20.95.4
    111152.4 ~ 528.90.74.0
    9964.0 ~ 645.30.53.2
    ¹ Rated torque and rated tangential force of BOOST-8 are the same value as BOOST.² BOOST-8 performance only available with EZ-24HTB, ConveyLinx-HTF, ConveyLinx-Ai2, and MotionLinx-Ai controllers
    Nominal Gear RatioActual Gear RatioGear BoxBOOST & BOOST-8 Mode¹ ²
    Output Shaft Speed
    Torque (N-m)Current (A)
    RatedBOOST StartingBOOST-8 StartingRated (max)BOOST StartingBOOST-8 Starting
    6767.23 stage8.5 ~
    454512.8 ~ 93.35.421.324.3
    333317.4 ~ 127.53.915.617.7
    272721.3 ~
    1818.32 stage31.4 ~
    151538.4 ~
    111152.4 ~ 382.
    9964.0 ~ 466.
    - Conformance: CE, RoHS, IP54
    - Certifications: ETL Listed to UL 1004-1 & UL 1004-6

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