Motor Drive Roller
Senergy / Senergy-Ai

Senergy motor drive rollers are powerful, efficient, and versatile solutions suitable for virtually any unit handling conveying application. Senergy MDRs can reach speeds up to 1000 fpm, with a starting torque up to 215 in/lbs, and have reduced energy costs by up to 70%.

Optional Senergy-Ai technology provides enhanced diagnostic capability along with convenient M8 connector to controller.
Available Models:
  • IP66/69K Washdown Rated
  • Freezer Rated
  • Dual Drive in single tube
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Senergy's combination of speed and power allows them to be used in lower speed, heavy-duty applications such as pallet handling, as well as for high-speed carton or tote handling.

They operate at a low 40 dba, quieter than a typical conversation. They utilize a safe and effective 24VDC power supply and consume up to 70% less energy than alternatives.

Senergy's power and efficiency are derived from a unique planetary gearbox design and a powerful brushless DC motor.  Senergy features only 11 gearbox combinations for easy stocking and reduced spare parts inventory. 

Senergy's range and performance characteristics are suitable for speeds between 6 to 969 fpm and starting torque up to 215 in/lbs.

  • Robust and unique gearbox design significantly improves life expectancy
  • Provides wide ranges of speed and power using low energy
  • JST or M8 connectors for fast Installation
  • IP54 & IP66 ratings available
  • High torque with up to 50 watts of power
  • Freezer and washdown rated rollers available
  • Mechanical holding brake option available
  • NSF Rated Washdown rollers available

Roller Drawings

Drawings are for both Senergy (JST) and Senergy-Ai (M8).  CAD drawings are formatted ANSI B size and pdf drawings are formatted ANSI A size

Senergy Roller, 1.9", Dual Groove, Non Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft.

Senergy Roller, 1.9", Micro-V Hub, Non Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft.

Senergy Roller, 1.9", Plain Straight - No Interlocking, Non Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft.

Senergy Roller, 1.9", Round Groove Pulley, Non Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft.

Bracket Drawings

Senergy/Senergy-Ai Motor Fixing Bracket, Standard Flat Up
Same drawing for PR-WD-30H-FU-N Stainless Washdown version

Senergy/Senergy-Ai Motor Fixing Bracket, Short Flat Up
Same drawing for PR-WD-30H-FU-NT Stainless Washdown version

Senergy/Senergy-Ai Motor Fixing Bracket, Standard Point Up
Same drawing for PR-WD-30H-PU-N Stainless Washdown version

Senergy/Senergy-Ai Motor Fixing Bracket, Short Point Up
Same drawing for PR-WD-30H-PU-N-ST Stainless Washdown version

Senergy/Senergy-Ai Idler End Fixing Bracket, Standard Point Up

Compatible Controls & Accessories

Senergy / Senergy-Ai
Washdown Models

  • Same motor & gearbox construction as standard Senergy / Senergy-Ai but in a stainless steel package
  • Nitrile seals as standard - option for Viton seals available
  • Available in NSF certified package up to 800 mm length
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