Pallet Handling Motor Drive Roller

Building the perfect pallet conveyor just got easier...not to mention smarter, faster, safer, and more cost-efficient. The 24VDC powered pallet handling motor rollers can move pallets up to 1800 mm wide and effortlessly drive loads up to 1000 kg.  

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Our pallet handling motor drive rollers can easily replace any AC gear motor solution. Simply remove the motor/gearbox unit and drop in the heavy-duty 60.5 mm (2-3/8") or 63.5 mm (2-1/2") diameter pallet roller with sprocket directly inline with the other conveyor rollers.  
  • Safe and efficient 24VDC power
  • Chain Sprocket or Micro-V Interlocking Available
  • Reliable gearbox design that's heat-treated and reinforced steel
  • Highly efficient, powerful motor improves life expectancy
  • Moves up to 1000 kg.
  • Senergy 9-pin JST or Senergy-Ai 4 pin M8 connector for simple and cost-effective Installation
  • Compatible with all Pulseroller Controllers

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  • Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • Super Compact Design
  • Deterministic Network
  • Collects Important Information
  • Robust M8 Connections
  • CE ETL UL and IP54
  • Drawings

    Senergy Pallet Roller, 63.5mm, JST, Plain Straight, Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft

    Senergy Pallet Roller, 63.5mm, JST, Micro-V, Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft

    Senergy Pallet Roller, 63.5mm, JST, Dual Sprocket #40-21T, Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft

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