• Provides all basic functionality of EasyRoll
  • Configure your networks offline and simply download at site
  • Backup Analyzer Tool for network and configuration troubleshooting
  • Use built tracing to capture data over time for troubleshooting and trending analysis
  • EasyRoll+ is required for configuration af all 48V based ConveyLinx-Ai2/Ai3 and Raptor RSC-Ai-ST controllers

EasyRoll+ Software
Advanced Drive Control with Offline Configuration

EasyRoll+ is our enhanced and updated version of EasyRoll that provides all of the functionality of EasyRoll as well as new features such as offline configuration of networks and the capture of historic data for troubleshooting. Quickly commission your system with a point and click of the mouse.  Enable great features using a checkbox or pull down menu only found in the ConveyLinx series of PULSEROLLER controls.


EasyRoll+ provides the same functionality and familiar intuitive layout as traditional EasyRoll.  EasyRoll+ still provides the same online configuration and diagnostic tools when you are connected to your live system as you have come to rely on with traditional EasyRoll. 

  • Quickly configure and diagnose
  • Global or individual adjustments
  • Simple point and click system commissioning
  • Create offline networks of controllers and save as a backup for onsite restore
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Switch between Metric and Imperial Units
  • Manage Firmware and Backup versions
  • Discover multiple networks on multiple adapters
  • Timestamped Diagnostic Log
  • View physical topology of individual networks

Compatible Controls

  • ConveyLinx-ERSC Family
  • ConveyLinx-Ai Family including 48V Models
  • ConveyLinx-IO
  • Raptor RSC-Ai-ST
Discover all networks over multiple PC adapters and view topology
View Diagnostic Log History and configure your own custom data traces


Download it here.

Simple to Use

Just plug a PC into the first or last ConveyLinx card, execute the software, and effortlessly make whatever changes are needed such as motor speed, direction, ZPA mode, acceleration, deceleration, etc. The interface is simple and intuitive.


  • Provides access to monitor all motor performance and operational parameters
  • Provides ability to modify operational characteristics of the built-in ZPA functionality
  • Displays motor and operational status and error conditions
  • Displays motor and operational status and error conditions
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