SE & IOX-2 Breakout Modules

Our breakout connection boards gives you a simple way to access the I/O of the ConveyLinx system.

ERSC-SE - provides access to ConveyLinx-ERSC's RJ-12 ports

IOX-2 - provides access to ConveyLinx modules equipped with M8 I/O ports


ERSC-SE Module

There are times when you need access to the I/O of the ConveyLinx-ERSC system. For that purpose we offer the ERSC-SE breakout modules. They provide a convenient way to access that I/O in the sensor and control ports.

Besides accessing the I/O, this breakout module amplifies the low power output from the ConveyLinx-ERSC module to power devices such as solenoids, contactors, indicator lights, etc.

There are also jumper selectable blocking diodes to isolate the ConveyLinx-ERSC's PNP/NPN auto-detection circuit from false triggering external I/O. 

IOX-2 Module

ERSC-SE-KIT includes 6" (15 cm) RJ-12 to RJ-12 patch cable

IOX-2 Module

For the ConveyLinx-Ai / MotionLinx Family of controllers, I/O is accessed through the 4 pin M8 Sensor ports.  There are commercial off the shelf M8 style signal splitter devices that will work for with ConveyLinx-Ai / MotionLinx Family modules for this purpose.

However, the IOX-2 module not only provides the same M8 splitter function as the generic devices, it also provides for convenient field wireable terminal access to the I/O as well.  Similarly to the ERSC-SE module, the IOX-2 provides the ability to connect external power to accommodate higher output loads such as relays, solenoids, indicator lights, etc. 


SE Break-Out Module for ConveyLinx ERSC Family
IOX-2 SE Break-Out Module for ConveyLinx-Ai and MotionLinx Families
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