PULSE POPUP 30-45 Degree Diverter

The PULSEPOPUP assembly is used to quickly and efficiently divert product off a main line conveyor onto conveyor leading to other parts of your facility.

  • Choose 30 degree or 45 degree divert
  • Compact design
  • Bolt-in installation takes minutes
  • Fully MDR driven (no pneumatics)
  • Low maintenance - no lubrication requirements
  • Effectively create a sortation conveyor
Often utilized in sorting applications, we've seen applications with just one PULSEPOPUP, and we've seen applications where there's one after another down a stretch of a mainline diverting to multiple different lanes effectively creating a sortation conveyor.
This unit will drop in place of your main line conveyor and includes everything required to get the job done including the controller to move the divert wheels and carrying surface as well as the motors for the up and down and the carrying surface.

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  • Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • Super Compact Design
  • Deterministic Network
  • Collects Important Information
  • Robust M8 Connections
  • CE ETL UL and IP54
  • Integrate Seamlessly With PULSEROLLER Applications

    No need for additional controls or pneumatics. Any of our controls can be used.

    Made to Order

    Our transfer units are manufactured to order.  This means that the exact locations of the transfer belts are located exactly where you want them.  

    Technical data

    (L x W mm)
    # of Driving
    Load Size Min
    (L x W mm)
    Load Size Max
    (L x W mm)
    Load Weight
    Max Sorting
    440 x 388 mm4200 x 200 mm600 x 450 mm30 kgUp to 90 m/min with a 75 speed code
    Up to 2400/hour
    depending on
    product size
    440 x 488 mm5
    440 x 588 mm6
    440 x 688 mm7

    How to Order a PPU Unit

    Each unit is made to order and its mounting is custom made to match your particular conveyor dimensions. When you contact Pulseroller to place an order for the part number you want, we will need to know the following additional information to complete your order:

    Conveyor Dimensions

    ¹ Irregular mounting hole pitches and locations may be accommodated. Contact us for details
    ² For Senergy-Ai motor rollers, you can specify ConveyLinx-Ai2 or MotionLinx-Ai controllers
    • Robust and Unique Gearbox Design significantly improves life expectancy
    • Provides wide ranges of Speed and Power using Low Energy
    • JST Cabling for Simple Installation and Robust Cable Routing, IP54
    • CE Approved
    • ROHS Compliant
    • ETL Certified to UL Standards Available
    • IP54 & IP66 Ratings Available
    • ETL Certified to UL Standards Available
    • High Torque Rollers Available
    • Freezer and Wash-Down Rated Rollers Available
    • Mechanical Braking Available

    Use our contact page to be directed to the correct sales channel.

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