Let’s start this Pat’s Corner off by stating that the term “Gap Train” within Easyroll is a bit misleading. The proper term for this feature should be “Delayed Zone Start” so that is what we will call it from this point forward in the EasyRoll Softwarearticle. Delayed Zone Start is a variant to Train release in that it incorporates a fixed time delay prior to allowing the loads to move after accumulation.


The typical usage of Delayed Zone Start would be to apply this configuration to the discharge zone of a group of zones already placed in Train mode. This configuration could be used to assure a specific minimum gap between cartons and several other applications.  


For example, let’s say the downstream zone is occupied and accumulated and the upstream zone Delayed Zone Start timer (Gap Train) is set to 5 seconds. When the downstream zone releases the upstream zone must wait for the 5 second timer to expire. Only after the timer expires is when the upstream zone releases. It’s important to note that if the zone was never accumulated the Delayed Zone Start timer is never activated. 


Another common application is when a section or your entire conveyor is set to Train Release mode. Setting the Delayed Zone Start time to a couple hundred milliseconds on each zone can smoothen the Amperage spike on the Power Supply that you see when all motor zones start up simultaneously. This way you continue receiving the through-put benefits of Train Release while minimizing the power supply loads when running all the motors simultaneously. 


Do you have any unique applications incorporating Delayed Zone start? If so, I’d love to hear about them.


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