PULSEROLLERĀ® Spotlighting Low Cost 24V DC Motor Drive for Motion Control at Assembly 2020

ERLANGER, KY (June 25, 2020) – PULSEROLLER will feature its versatile Pulse Geared Drive (PGD) at The Assembly Show 2020. The PGD is an affordable, compact, and powerful 24VDC motor drive used in material handling, assembly, automation, and other applications requiring repeatable, linear motion control, transportation, or accumulation.

The Pulse Geared Drive utilizes PULSEROLLER’s proven and powerful Senergy motor that is used to drive the company’s motor drive rollers (MDRs). To address applications that require the torque and speed of the Senergy motor, but that do not require a roller, the Pulse Geared Drive was born. It features a form factor similar to a high voltage AC motor gearbox combination in a compact, low voltage package. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for AC geared motors or in pneumatic applications. The PGD is constructed of heat-treated reinforced precision gears that results in an exceptionally long life. Optional and customized attachments allow the PGD to drive just about any equipment.

The PGD’s power and efficiency are derived from a unique planetary gearbox design and a powerful brushless DC motor. The Senergy motor features just 11 gearbox combinations that make ordering and stocking PGDs much more efficient. In applications with appropriate precision requirements, the Pulse Geared Drive is used as a low-cost alternative to servo motors, actuators or solenoids.

PULSEROLLER offers a base PGD model as well as the Pulse Geared Drive Ai (Advanced Intelligence). The base model is designed for use with JST connectors and utilizes eight wires for connection to the control card, while the Ai model uses an IP54 rated M8-style connector which requires just four wires for connecting to the controller.

A microprocessor inside the Ai model holds and processes critical data about the motor, including its part number, serial number, manufacturing date, actual motor temperature, run cycle time, overload count, gearbox ratio and motor positioning data. Monitoring this data is accomplished using PULSEROLLER’s free to download EasyRoll software or by connecting a PLC or PC over Modbus, ProfiNet, or an EthernetIP network. All Pulse Geared Drives are driven by PULSEROLLER’s ConveyLinx or ConveyLinx Ai2 controllers, or simple drive cards.

PULSEROLLER will exhibit in booth #1921 at The Assembly Show, which will be held October 27-29, 2020 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.