Introducing the Senergy-Ai-48: Unleash Next-Level Performance in Material Handling

Experience the Power and Efficiency of 48V Technology

We're excited to introduce you to Senergy-Ai-48, a groundbreaking addition to our Senergy-Ai line of motorized drive rollers. This innovative product builds upon the proven reliability of our existing models and takes it to the next level with a powerful 48V DC motor.

Enhanced Performance with Proven Reliability

Senergy-Ai-48 offers a compelling combination of innovation and heritage:

  • Double the Voltage, Multiply the Advantages: The 48V motor delivers a significant boost in power, enabling the Senergy-Ai-48 to handle heavier loads with greater ease. This translates to increased throughput and improved overall system efficiency for your conveyor system.
  • Trusted Design: Senergy-Ai-48 leverages the same established and reliable design of our Senergy-Ai series. Our position as the leader in the MDR industry speaks for Senergy's reliability and performance.

Additional Benefits of the 48V System:

  • Precise Control for Optimal Material Handling: The high power output of the 48V system allows for smoother and more precise acceleration. This translates to better control of the drive during critical positioning and braking maneuvers, ensuring the safe and accurate handling of your materials.
  • Flexibility in System Design: The 48V control architecture offers several advantages:
    • Reduced cable gauge or longer cable runs due to decreased current load.
    • Potential cost savings through a reduction in required power supply units.

Compatibility and Configuration Options:

Ready to Experience the Senergy-Ai-48 Difference?

Contact us today to discuss how this innovative product can revolutionize your material handling operations and unlock new levels of efficiency and performance in your conveyor system.