The Brains Behind the Brawn: The ConveyLinx Control Card is What Makes Motor Drive Rollers Go!

ConveyLinx ControlIn our last Pulse newsletter, we talked about our Senergy motor drive rollers and the fact that they can handle virtually any unit handling application. (Oh yes they can!) Today, we are going to talk about the secret sauce - the brains if you will - that make that possible. ConveyLinx and ConveyLinx Ai2 control cards give you in-depth control of not just Senergy, but virtually every possible motor driven roller (MDR) application in use today.

Out of the box, ConveyLinx and ConveyLinx Ai2 function as a zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) controllers for either two PULSEROLLER Senergy motor rollers or two Pulse Gear Drives. This is accomplished by connecting two drive motors, two sensors, supplementary I/O, and a standard Cat 5 shielded Ethernet cable to the next downstream card.

ConveyLinx can also be connected to most major brand PLCs using ProfiNet, Modbus, or EthernetIP with all required support files available for download on our website. Once a PLC is connected, ConveyLinx can be configured to take control over every zone in the conveyor system.

ConveyLinx offers you three levels of control. The first is default ZPA mode, which allows basic control over motor speed, zone accumulation, internal tracking, and zone communication. Second is PLC mode, in which the card’s default internal logic program is suspended, allowing a PLC to connect and take full control of the card’s I/O and registers. This mode effectively turns the card into a motor starter and I/O block. Third, the card’s internal logic can be suspended, and you can use ConveyLogix software from PULSEROLLER to create customized programs with direct downloads to the ConveyLinx controller. This allows you to control all motors and I/O, effectively transforming the module into a fully functional PLC. This type of control makes it perfect for controlling the more complex mechanical devices on a system without the use of another PLC.

You can quickly commission and configure a ConveyLinx controlled system with the push of a button. Changes and updates to the configuration can be made using EasyRoll, a free software program that can be downloaded from our website. EasyRoll allows you to configure a wide range of parameters, including timers, roller speed, acceleration and deceleration, direction, and many more features only found in ConveyLinx.

You can choose from our standard ConveyLinx controller, which controls Senergy motor rollers, and the ConveyLinx Ai2 controller that controls Senergy Ai motor rollers.