Ai Technology (Patent Pending)


  • Robust and Unique
  • M8 Standard Cabling and Connector
  • IP54 Rated
  • ETL certified to UL Standards
  • CE Rated

Advanced Intelligence Technology

A microprocessor inside the motor drive which holds and processes important data about the motor.  There are several big benefits of having Advanced Intelligence inside your motor roller or geared drive.

The first major benefit is a reliable industrial hardened M8 4-pin connector that can be easily routed through the hex hole of the conveyor.  Another big benefit is having standard, commercially available  4 wire M8 extensions of the cable from the motor drive to the controller.  Both of these benefits are possible because the microprocessor sends out pulse data over a single wire regarding the hall effect sensor inputs.  

Some other obvious benefits are you no longer have to take the roller out of the conveyor frame to see the part number or serial number just click on the motor icon on the EasyRoll screen.  You can now easily have the controller drive the motor based on distance instead of time, giving you repeatable motion at a very fine resolution (fractions of a millimeter).   That is because every motor roller or gear drive has the following data coded before leaving the factory.

  • Part Number
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacturing Date
  • Actual Motor Temperature
  • Run Cycle Time
  • Overload Count
  • Gearbox Ratio
  • Motor Positioning Data