EZ-QUBE Family
Performance Drive Control

EZ-QUBE Family of controllers provide an economical Non-Networked, single motor, drive control module for Senergy and Senergy-Ai Motors. EZ-QUBE Family includes models:

* Bluetooth Interface - EZ-QUBE-W / EZ-QUBE-W-Ai
* Senergy-Ai Technology - EZ-QUBE-W-Ai
* BOOST-8 & Brake Control - EZ-QUBE-HTBF

EZ-QUBE Family of controllers provide control for all standard Senergy & Senergy-Ai motors and can provide ECO, Boost, or BOOST 8 mode performance profiles. Speed, acceleration & deceleration are adjustable using combinations of DIP switches on the module.  The EZ-QUBE-W and EZ-QUBE-W-Ai modules provide convenient Mobile App and Bluetooth connectivity to set and monitor all speed, accel/decel, I/O, and status parameters without using any DIP switches 

At its core, the EZ-QUBE Family  of controllers utilize the same motor commutation and overload protection algorithms that are used in our advanced and network based controllers 

Motors may be run clockwise (CW) or counter clockwise (CCW) using digital inputs to the controller terminals.  Dual input terminals allow for 3 preset speed selections .  A motor/module error output is available for connection to user controls.

  • 31 Available Fixed Speeds
  • 16 Available Accel/Decel Rate Settings
  • 3 Selectable Speeds with 2 Digital Inputs
  • 0-10V Analog Speed Control
  • PI Based Speed Regulation
  • Options for PNP or NPN Error Output
  • 6 LEDs for Status and Diagnostics
  • Dynamic, Free, and Servo Lock Braking
  • BOOST-8, Freezer, Holding Brake Control with EZ-QUBE-HTBF
  • Bluetooth Interface with EZ-QUBE-W & EZ-QUBE-W-Ai


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