Raptor RSC-Ai-ST Features:
  • Accepts Either 24V or 48V Input Power
  • 4 Pin M8 Raptor Motor Port
  • Two 4 Pin M8 I/O Ports
  • 4 Configurable Motor Profiles from Digital Inputs
  • 3 PI Regulator Behavior Options
  • Able to Integrate into ConveyLinx networks
  • Advanced State Vector Motor Control
  • Fully ConveyLogix Programmable

Raptor RSC-Ai-ST Controller
Networked Drive Control

Fantastic Performance.
The Raptor RSC-Ai-ST controller model is specifically designed for one purpose: to harness and unleash the capability of the Raptor-Ai-ST motor drive.
Even though the RSC-Ai-ST is a fully capable networked controller that can integrate with our ConveyLinx and ConveyLinx-Ai family models; out of the box it is set up to be a stand alone controller that you can simply power up and wire discrete signals to access built in speed/ramp profiles.

Because the RSC-Ai-ST can be fully integrated into any of our
ConveyLinx based systems, you can use it from the start for a new
system and enjoy all of the connectivity and diagnostics capabilities already available with ConveyLinx. The RSC-Ai-ST utilizes the same PLC interfaces and structures as ConveyLinx so you can expect superior integration and commissioning results.
Recognizes Major PLC Network Protocols


CAD drawings are formatted ANSI B size and pdf drawings are formatted ANSI A size

Raptor Motor Controller, ST Version, Dual Voltage Input, 4 Pin M8 Motor Port, 4 Pin M8 Sensor Ports, 5 In / 2 Out Discrete IO  


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PLC Connectivity

Ethernet I/P

    Profinet IO

        CC-Link IE Field Basic


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