Roller Drive of the Future

The Pulseroller team went to the drawing board to come up with a new motor drive whose normal performance would exceed the Senergy pushed to its limits. The answer is the RAPTOR® Motor Roller and accompanying controller

The Raptor-ST drive and controls are built upon the same Ai technology included in our Senergy-Ai drives and ConveyLinx-Ai Family controls.  Raptor-ST will seamlessly integrate into your existing Pulseroller based systems.
Features and Benefits
  • 80W rated output power
  • 170W burst power on demand
  • Twice the torque for the same speed code vs. Senergy
  • Same construction, quality, and reliability standards as all Senergy drives

The Raptor-ST is rated for 80W of output power under
continuous operation without overheating. The motor
and control is also designed to provide 170W of burst
output power for up to 5 seconds. Unlike the 24V
Senergy drives whose peak power is only available upon start-up, this burst is available on demand.

Particularly appealing is that the Raptor’s torque rating for the equivalent 24V Senergy speed code is essentially double. Coupled with the on demand burst capability, the peak torque can be close to 4 times for a Raptor at the comparable 24V Senergy speed code.

Rugged M12 Threaded Shaft with Lock Nut for secure mounting to conveyor frame

Roller Drawings

Please note that STEP file models are for 500mm RL.  Adjust roller length to fit your 3D model

Raptor-Ai-ST Roller, 1.9", Dual Groove, M12 Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft.

Raptor-Ai-ST Roller, 1.9", Dual Groove, M12 Threaded Hex Shaft, M8 Internal Threaded End Shaft.

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